Wafer board (what is it?)

Thom dodd at mint.net
Sun Mar 10 06:07:50 EST 1996

neil at llysfasi.demon.co.uk wrote:
> Hi
> Does anybody know what exactly is wafer board ?
> I'm trying to find out for some students at the college and they have
> got conflicting information.
> Any help, ideas about what it is, uses, etc ?
> Thanks
> Neil
> IT lecturerWaferboard is a composite of large wood chips and a glue to hold them 
together.  It is formed as 4' x 8' sheets under high pressure and 
temperature.  Waferboard plants exist throughout the U.S. and use pine, 
poplar, and most other types of trees.  Chips can be directly from the 
woods where low value or poor quality trees are chipped on the landing, 
or from sawmills where edgings and slabs are chipped.  Wafer board is 
used as sheathing on building construction.

Particle board is much the same thing but made up of sawdust and other 
small fibers.  It is usually produced in 4' x 8' sheets.  It is used 
extensively in furniture - check out the underside of the desk or table 
you are now sitting at.

Both can be viewed at your local lumber yard.

dodd at mint.net

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