Pecan Trees from Pecans - Help

Bruce Wilcoxon wilcoxbr at
Wed Mar 13 15:58:27 EST 1996

My wife and I recently moved out of the house we had been renting for the
past few years.  When I returned to the house the other night to check if
any of our mail had not been forwarded, I found that the owner had decided
to move back in and that he had decided to do a little landscaping.  He
had cut down three beautiful shade trees (green ash, hackberry, and pecan)
and a very productive fig tree so that the "grass would grow better" (who
needs shade in Houston anyway).  My wife and I where horrified.

To make a long story short, we would like to try to grow some pecan
seedlings from pecans we had gathered last Fall from the recently departed
(a small attempt to set this whole business right in the grand scheme of
things).  I am having a difficult time obtaining information on how best
to do this.  There seems to be very little literature on the seed to
seedling part of the tree growing process.  I would appreciate any tips
that anyone may have on this topic.  In addition, I am looking for a good
general reference on the subject tree growing.  Thanks

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