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March 7, 1996


SAN FRANCISCO -- The USDA Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Region
is pleased to announce the debut of its World Wide Web site on March 1, 1996. 
The site is located at:   

The Internet web site should offer our customers better access to Forest
Service news and information, and should reduce the costs and waiting time 
associated with the mailing of hard-copy information.

The web site is divided into two major categories:  The first is a National
Forest Virtual Visitor Center, which features general information about
recreational activities in the 18 national forests in California.  
Those public lands cover one-fifth of the state.  The category also features
tours and topics of interest, map ordering information, and travel 
and tourism links.

The second category is the National Forest Management Information Center,
which contains strategic management information, current press releases,
contact information, and the Region's strategic plan.  Both segments will
be updated regularly, and more information is added as it is developed. 
Links to National Forest home pages will be added as sites come online.


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