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Arnold Chamove <A.S.Chamove at> wrote:
>It is said that windthrow is caused by trees growing so fast 
>that the roots do 
>not anchor them sufficiently when the weather gets wet and so 
>they blow over.
>If a low nitrogen, high K fertilizer were used, it should 
>inhibit the growth 
>in height but stimulate the root development.
>Is this true?

I have seen windthrow caused by at least two factors which your solution
will not cure. One is where the rock is close to the surface and there
just isn't enough soil to hold the tree up in that one bad gust you get
every 30 years. The other is where "selective" logging has thinned a
forest to the point where the trees no longer shelter each other. There
may be other causes of blowdown but I cannot comment..

peter sibbald

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