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Fri Mar 22 21:38:39 EST 1996

> I would like to know about container-grown ornamental tree producers. In Spain
> there is only 
> one grower of this kind of trees. None in Belgium or Holland. I heard that
> this technique is 
> widely used in the USA and Italy. Is this true? Does anybody know nurseries
> which produce these 
>  plants? I would like to know also about publications related with this issue.
> Ramón Magdalena 
> (Vigo; Spain) 


There are a number of container grown ornamental tree nurseries in the UK
usually specialising in high quality standard trees up to 4m height. 

They are expensive (around UK pound 45 each) but with good ones the survival
rates are very high and they extend the planting season. 

Container sizes range from 25 litre to 75 litre generally but I have used some
150 litre trees.

If you want some phone numbers email me.

 Steele Haughton               
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