Fire Resistive Vegetation

Cuong Tran eastran at
Tue Mar 26 04:12:19 EST 1996

Does anyone have any info about fire-resistive plants?
I do not mean those plants which will (quickly) regenerate after a fire, 
or have dormant buds, but plants that truly will NOT burn? Species that 
I have come across include ficus spp., atriplex spp., and a few others. 
I'm trying to identify these plants for better management of fire (when 
it occurs), since Australia and its vegetation is so dependent on the 
actios of fire for perpetuation of their species (e.g. Eucalypts)
Fire and effects on the landscape is enormous, with considerable damage 
to homes, property, and farm-land. Most threatened are plantation forest 
which have inadequate protection from fire. Therefore, knowing some 
fire-resistant plants would be useful in slowing the fire-spread, and 
allow more time for fighting the fire.


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