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>>>I've seen reports that the radiata pine in New Zealand is being pruned to 
>>>30 feet or more. How is this done by climbing or by some kind of ground 

>there is also a chain saw for sale with the motor at the base, and a long pole 
>holding the chain, and the cutting blade at the very top,

I wouldn't recommend it though.  It seems like a good idea until 
you compare the quality of the job done by a ladder and shears 
with that of a small chainsaw on a pole.  There are also the
questions of noise, fumes and downtime with mechanised devices 
which have so far scuttled attempts at mechanisation.

One exception is the use of small hand-held chainsaws.  If you are
pruning late or on an exceptionally fertile site and you are 
prepared to carry the cost of someone learning to prune with a 
chainsaw (some hacked up trees) and the risk of injury, then you
might consider it.  There have even been cases of people pruning
with chainsaws from ladders!  I suspect our new Occupational 
Safety and Health laws might have put a stop to it.  Does anyone 
know if this is still happening?


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