The EcoAgroForestry (Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Forestry and Rural Agroindustrial Development) Century Conference

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Fri Mar 29 22:18:33 EST 1996

The EcoAgroForestry Century Conference will be held in the Heart of the 
Arkansas Delta on September 18, 19, 20 and 21 in Dermott, Arkansas
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The Steering Committee of theEcoAgroForestry Century Conference invites you to actively participate in an information sharing meeting, trade show and  exposition the week of September 18, 19, 20 and 21, 1996 in Dermott, Arkansas in the heart of Arkansas's agricultural and forest production region according to Dr. Carol Cross, Director of the Society of Lyons, Inc., and Coordinator of the  EcoAgroForestry Trade and Development Center (EAFTDC), cosponsors of the meeting.

"It's designed to bring together university experts, consultants in sustainable development,  sustainable forestry and rural agroindustrial development. A vital role will be played by entrepreneurs from the Caribbean Basin and Andean Pact countries, US farmers and agribusiness and small and medium scale agricultural and agroindustrial equipment suppliers from the US, Asia and Europe.  It will focus on ways to create sustainable agricultural and forestry projects and at the same time, as relationships between participants are formed, lead to joint ventures and strategic alliances as well as trading relationships," noted Dr. Cross.

The purpose of the conference and exhibition is to bring together the people resources, the equipment, the products, the services and the technologies needed to meet the demand of creating and supporting the expanding eco-entrepreneurial culture in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean through the use of appropriate EcoAgroForestry equipment consultancy and expertise from worldwide sources," she added.

"If you wish to present a paper on any of the subjects listed, please email for a  "Call  For Papers" to solync at   One of the key highlights of the conference will be a symposium on the production of Non-Wood Paper.  Equipment from the USA, Asia and Europe will be exhibited and a workshop will be put on by AgroResidue fed paper mill technical personnel.  As an example of Non-Wood paper production, over 1/3 of India's paper requirements are presently being met by paper made from AgroResidues such as sugar cane bagasse, wheat straw, rice straw, soybean waste, cotton stalks, etc. It is clearly a workable technology.

Because Asian and European countries have long track records making paper from AgroResidues, these international technologies are being sought for the development of a rural entrepreneurial culture based on available agricultural residues.

It is very vital that we develop this industry as the burning of field residues is no longer acceptable environmentally.  Additionally, small scale pulp and paper mills based on Agro-Residues would create jobs in rural areas," she continued.

In addition to the Non-Wood Paper Symposium, there will be a full day symposium on kenaf. Kenaf  products will be on exhibit and topics of papers presented will vary from growth to product production to marketing kenaf products.  A synopsis of kenaf as a fiber source for Non-Wood paper will also be given.  Several kenaf  investment projects will be discussed.

The key to success in developing kenaf projects is the availability of processing facilities. In order to develop a large scale kenaf industry, a large scale processing plant must be available. A worn out or old unused cotton gin can be retrofitted for about US$1,000,000. A new kenaf processing plant would cost about US$10,000,000.  A kenaf pulp plant requiring 16,000 acres of kenaf could be put into place using reconditioned equipment for about US$30,000,000.  A small-scale decorticator could be made available for about US$50,000. Kenaf's potential as a driver of economic development will be reached only as we are able to supply the needed hard technologies  (equipment)  and  soft technologies (training and support for the people developing the project).

A comprehensive set of seminars giving step by step guidelines for taking advantage of the Caribbean Basin Initiative and Andean Pact agreement will be run through the four days of the conference.

There will be presentations on naturetourism, fuel briquetting, growing fast growing nitrogen fixing trees, growing pines in the Caribbean Basin for export, producing outdoor cut flowers and a wide variety of  topics relating to EcoAgroForestry based environmentally sound, sustainable rural development.
A paper will also be presented on the potential of hand made paper making.  Other possible paper raw materials such as reed canary grass and other grasses will be discussed as well.

There are a wide variety of optional activities including post conference tours to local farms, feed processing plants, feed mills, logging operations, poultry farms, etc.  An optional  post conference tour to Asia to view actual operation of the AgroResidue fed mills in place is in the works if there is enough interest.

There will be a special full day workshop on creating a SOLYNC EcoAgroForestry™ Village Business Incubator (SEAFVBI).  This  is a village or village adjunct where the alternative energy resources are developed, where campesinos purchase homes under equity sharing and cooperative building in exchange for mentoring street children by teaching whatever skills they possess such as leather working, wood working, brick making, farming etc.  It is a good entrepreneurial venture and making an excellent investment for joint venture partners.  Small scale Non-Wood Paper production plants are expected to be a part of each SEAFVBI.

For more information on this innovative new profit focused conference based on developing sustainable agribased environmental entrepreneurship,  contact Dr. Carol Cross, Director, SOLYNC,      Post Office Box 5208,  Pine Bluff, AR 71611 USA, call toll free 800-476-5962 or or 501-367-6127 or FAX 501-367-8736.  Send email to solync at for a complete conference package.

Here are the preliminary program topics.  These topics are flexible depending on the interests of the participants.

DAY ONE - EcoAgroForestry and PLENARY

PLENARY - EcoAgroForestry-A New Paradigm Of Development
Low Tech Livestock Feed
The SAMEI Strategy for Natural Cosmetics and Perfume Industry Development
Lunch (Speaker) EcoAgroForestry Entrepreneurship
Fuel Briquettes from Agricultural Wastes
Generating Electricity With Biomass
Organic Fertilizers
Biomass Based Eco-Entrepreneurial Development
Using the Internet to Create a World Wide EcoAgroForestry Community Without Walls
The WEAFTDC - a Virtual Consortium


Kenaf - The Old/New Crop
Growing Kenaf in the Mid South
Kenaf As A Driver Of Large Scale Rural Economic Development
Harvesting and Processing Kenaf
Kenaf for Small Scale Community Revitalization
Profitable Kenaf Products
Equipment for Kenaf Production and Processing
Return on Investment For Farmers Growing Kenaf
Return on Investment For A Kenaf Pulp Plant

Why NonWood Paper is an idea whose time has come
Fibers for NonWood Paper
Kenaf- A NonWood Paper Fiber Source
Hemp - A NonWood Paper Fiber Source
Lunch (Speaker)
Sisal and Other Plants for Fiber
Agro-Residues- Using Biomass Resources As Fiber Sources
Handmade Paper- NonWood Paper's Artisan Connection
Small Scale Equipment for NonWood Paper
Work with Existing Paper Mills


Opening Remarks
Keynote Address- You Can Profit from the CBI & ATPA
Developing a CBI or ATPA NONWOOD Paper Industry
You Can Profit from Pesticide Free Food Exports

How to Maximize Your CBI Business Profits While Remaining Sustainable
Develop an Export Pine Plantation
Produce and Market Tropical Fruit
Make Briquettes from Agricultural and Forestry Wastes

Profitable Flower Growing for Export
You Can Profit from Kenaf Production
Developing Long-Term Export Customers
Planning Your CBI Business


 * To ORGANIZE SESSIONS please ask for "Session Organizer Guidelines".
     Submission fees for one or two papers are waived for papers in organized

  * To participate as a  PRESENTER:
     - Please, submit 4 copies of one or two papers before or on July 1,
     - The submission fee is $20 per paper.
     - Each manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than
       100  words;
     - Manuscripts of more than 12 single-spaced pages of text will not be
     - Papers must not have been published, accepted, or submitted for
       publication elsewhere;
     - Because papers will be evaluated using a blind review process
       authorship should be identified only on a removable cover page;
     - The disciplines that best fit your paper must be typed on the top
       right corner of the cover page;
     - For co-authorships please include names, affiliations, and addresses of
       all authors on your cover page and indicate who will serve as paper
     - All papers submitted will be evaluated for presentation and publication
       in the Conference Proceedings.Instructions on style will be attached to
       the acceptance letter;
     - The title of your paper(s) is(are):



   * If you wish to serve as a DISCUSSANT and/or a SESSION CHAIR please
     fill in the line below. "Session Chair and Discussant Guidelines" as
     well as copies of the papers to be discussed will be mailed to you as
     soon as the sessions are organized.

      Name_______________________Own Discipline(s)_________________________


  Last Name______________________________________________________

  First Name and M.I.____________________________________________

  Nickname for Badge_____________________________________________



  Mailing Address________________________________________________


  Telephone: Day (___)________________ , Night (___)__________________

  Fax: (___)________________ , E-Mail: _______________________________


  1. Registration
     Three Days US $275 x __  = ______
     Two Days   US $195 x __  = ______
     One Day     US $115 x __  = ______

2. Student Registration (verification required)
     Three Days US $175 x __  = ______
     Two Days   US $115 x __  = ______
     One Day     US $  85 x __  = ______

  3. Paper Submission Fee
      $20 x__ = ______

  4. After July 1, 1996 Add Late Fee
     Three Days US $75 x __  = ______
     Two Days   US $ 60x __  = ______
     One Day     US $ 45 x __  = ______

  5. Guest Fee (companions, co-authors, session/panel organizers only)
      Three Days US $125 x __  = ______
      Two Days   US $  95 x __  = ______
      One Day     US $  70 x __  = ______

   6.  Awards Banquet
         Prepay Before July 1, 1996  US$45
         I will pay at door                 US$65

7.  Saturday Field Trips

         Prepay Before July 1, 1996  US$55
         I will pay at Conference       US$65

8.  Field Trip Lunch                      US$10

 Total  Amount Due =__________ ______

  Note: Registration fees include "guest speakers - awards" luncheon,
  one copy of the Conference Proceedings, membership in the EAF
  Society,   and all other conference expenses.

    ______ My check is attached payable to Society of Lyons, Inc.
                        (in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank).
    ______ Please charge my Visa
    ______ American Express
    ______ MasterCard.

  Credit Card Number______________________________Exp. Date___________

  Authorized Signature________________________________________

  Refunds: Individuals applying for program participation but not accepted
  are eligible for fee refunds. Cancellations must be in writing and are
  subject to a $20 handling fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations
  after July 30, 1996. Refunds will be processed after conference.


   Motel rooms are being reserved in several blocks for participants.
   DERMOTT, ARKANSAS.  A free bus serv ice from the participating
   motels to the conference will be provided twice daily.  Single rooms
   are US$45 per night.  Larger rooms are US$60 per night.  * Housing in
    Southeast Arkansas is scarce! Please make reservations early!
    Our block of rooms is quite limited.
      __ Single,   $45 per night from 9/18/96 to 9/21/96 ($40 for 9/17/96 only) plus tax.
      __ Double,  $65 from 9/18/96 to 9/21/96 ($60 for 9/17/96 only) plus tax.
 * First night's deposit required with reservation.
     ______ My check is attached payable to the Society of Lyons, Inc.
            (in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank).
     ______ Please charge my Visa
    ______ American Express
     ______ MasterCard.
  Reservation dates requested are:________________________________

  Credit Card Number___________________________Exp. Date___________

  Authorized Signature________________________________________

  For more information or for anything else you might need please
  Mail, Call, Fax, or E-mail to:

 Dr. Carol Cross
Society of Lyons, Inc.
2801 Olive, #35A, Suite 113
Pine Bluff, Arkansas USA
PHONE 501-367-6127
FAX 501-367-8736
Email solync at


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