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>I've seen reports that the radiata pine in New Zealand is being pruned to 
>30 feet or more. How is this done by climbing or by some kind of ground 
>rig? I have client that is interested in pruning his pine to at least 28 
>feet. Any information would be appreciated.

We often prune trees to 6 m, using a ladder and long-handled
pruning shears. For large branches pruners use what we call a
jacksaw, which is a triangular bow saw, with one end of the
triangle next to the handle.  The other, pointed end can easily
fit between branches.  We would not prune all 6 m at one time, 
because this would result in large branches and a very large 
defect core lower on the stem.  A schedule with three separate
lifts at three different ages is quite common, and each tree is
pruned to a height which suits its size when it is pruned.

A few people are pruning up to 8 or 9 m on exceptionally fertile 
sites, but I don't know how they are getting up that high, and it 
has yet to be demonstrated that the last lift will generate a net

We have found that saws on poles are very exhausting and result in
the pruner being too far from the saw to do an accurate job. 
Never-the-less, we sometimes have non-forestry people suggesting
this "innovation".


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