Eastern White Pines dying-Please help

RebeccaD rebeccad at usit.net
Sat May 4 21:29:20 EST 1996

We live in Tennessee and are in desperate need of advice.  We
have exhausted local sources (extension agencies, local tree 
services) and are hoping someone on the Internet will be kind
enough to help. 

We have lost a very large Eastern White Pine that is in close 
proximinty to another healthy tree.  Last fall the needles 
began to turn brown begining with the top of the 
tree.  Within four months the entire tree appeared dead. 

The previous owner told us he had cut down and burned the stump 
of  a similar pine
because it had some kind of infestation.  The sick tree is 
located within twenty feet of  the burned stump. 

What possible disease or infestation does the tree have?
Is there anything we can do to save the healthy tree beside
it? (It is a magnificent specimen, in excess of forty feet 
tall and beautifully shaped.  Our hearts will break over 
losing it.) 

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Ed and Christine Butler 

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