crops for paulownia

Larry Daley daleyl at
Fri May 17 11:39:47 EST 1996


Dave Hibbs ecology/silviculture specialist in our forest science
department (e-mail in above cc) has been testing some Paulownia clones
here.  Dave mentioned thousand acre plantations in Georgia; do you know
anything about this.  We also talked about microcalorimetric prediction of
fastest growing clones and a new incoming faculty member Tom Aneconda who
"postdoced" at Dick Criddle's (cc above) lab at UC. Davis the expert in
this new and promising technology.  Some seed from here is on its way to
you.  Somebody from Australia wanted seed but looking in my e-mail files I
can't find the post. 

larry daley
On Tue, 14 May 1996, Fred Wright wrote:

> Hello!
> Your assistance please...
> Due to numerous inquiries, I need to expand my files concerning
> compatible crops to grow in a SE U.S. paulownian plantation;
> the trees will be on 12 foot centers.
> Canopy begins growth 4/1, available light down to 30% by 6/15;
> trees defoliate with first frost about 11/1, then essentially 100%
> of available light reaches the ground.
> Cultivation to a maximum depth of six inches.  Nitrogen-fixing
> crops most appreciated.
> Your suggestions, please...
> Fred Wright
> Carolina Pacific
> Aiken, SC
> fwright at
> "Success occurs when preparation encounters opportunity"

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