Watershed '96

Bob Wayland owow at CAIS.CAIS.COM
Mon May 20 16:57:11 EST 1996

Its NOT too late, but don't wait much longer!

Watershed '96 is happening in Baltimore on June 10-12 (preconferences 
June 8&9).  Featuring over 200 technical sessions involving all 
aspects of aquatic resource protection and managemnt (including 
run-off from Forestry), this Conference will also feature field trips, 
a technology fair, plenary presentations by USDA Secreatry Glickman 
and EPA Administrator Browner.  Vice President Gore has been invited.

More than 1,000 experts from amny disciplines have already registered 
-- don't be left out!

For registration information call 1/800-666-0206 or visit:

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