How to get Giant Sequoias to Germany? (fwd)

Larry Daley daleyl at
Tue May 21 12:02:23 EST 1996


Here in Corvallis, Oregon it is possible to buy locally all three
sequoias: coastal, sierra and dawn.  These fast growing trees are found
growing all over town.  There is even a local character who hates sierra
(Giant Sequoias) sequoias and wants them all cut down, however most people
here really care for these trees, so there is no way he is going to get
this done. The best local nursery stocks all three species including some 
of their most some interesting horticultural variants, the address is:

Sandy and Don Powell
Garland Nursery
5470 NE Highway 20 
Corvallis, OR 97330  USA
(541) 753-6601

I talked to Sandy Powell and she suggested that you call or write to: 
Drakes Crossing Nursery, 
19774 Grade Road South East, 
Silverton, OR 97381 USA 
(503) 873 4932, Fax (503) 873 6289

Drakes Crossing Nursery is a wholesale operation and is where Sandy 
and Don get some of their seedlings.

Sierra and dawn sequoias are more hardy than coastal sequoias.  If you 
are really serious, it is possible to select by microcalorimetry the 
hardiest coastal sequoias you can contact Professor Richard S. Criddle 
(rscriddle at  Professor Criddle will soon be giving a talk on 
this topic at the Redwood Conference.

best wishes

larry daley

On 18 May 1996, ProfFax 

> >>I would love to plant some Giant Sequoias on our meadows. I think
> they should grow in Germanys climate.
> But how can I get some to Germany? Our biggest tree selling company
> doesn't have them.<<
> It's commendable that you will go to the trouble to start the tree for the
> benefit of future generations. If the tree survives you, it might be
> nearly your height at the time of your demise.
> The sequoia is a popular garden tree in England. Perhaps you can find a
> good source for trees there.
> I have seen several places which sold coastal redwoods (Sequoia semper
> virens) commericially, but not giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum). I
> believe that the coastal trees are more easily grown and grow at a faster
> rate. Nevertheless, here are several nurseries that have been recommended
> to me. I have never had occassion to use any of them, so I can't
> personally recommend one. I'm sorry I don't have the complete address,
> you'll have to call. 
>    CA Dept. of Forestry, Davis, CA      (916) 753-2441
>    Forest Seeds of CA, Placerville, CA (916) 621-1552
>    Future Forest Nursery, Riverside, CA (724) 780-8946
> I have record of Giant Sequoia that have been transplanted and
> successfully grown in Europe and Germany had several notable trees.
> Perhaps they were grown in climate and soil similar to your own.
> Good luck!
> Jeff Lahr
> Seasonal Ranger, Yosemtie National Park

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