New Permaculture book for Dryland Coastal Regions

The Bagshaws prbagshaw at
Wed May 22 05:16:24 EST 1996

Our friend and neighbour, Julie Firth, here in Geraldton West Ausralia, 
has just published a book called Permaculture Garden Guidelines for Dryland
Coastal Regions...what to go about it...and what plants to
use, seed availability etc. etc.
        This is the FIRST DRYLAND SPECIFIC book for Permaculture Gardeners
and has been researched and trialled over the past 8 years.
        Copies are available at $15 each plus postage.  You can order by
emailing you order to prbagshaw at or you can phone Julie at
Yilgarn Traders Dryland Permaculture Research Farm on (Australia)099 381628

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