Plywood as mulch question

Alfred Falk falk at
Thu May 23 08:45:08 EST 1996

Does anyone have any information on use of shredded plywood as mulch for
newly planted trees?
A local nurseryman likes to use it because he gets it free and it's clean
with respect to insects, bacteria, etc.  However, for projects on city
property, the city requires shredded tree bits, and won't approve the
shredded plywood unless someone can show them evidence that it's safe.

The issue, I think, would come down to the phenolic resin which holds the
plywood together.  I understand the raw materials for making it are nasty 
stuff to ingest or inhale, but that's not too relevant.  Does it pose an 
environmental hazard, is it inert, or does it break down into something 

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