forestry consultants?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu May 30 07:06:46 EST 1996

Geary Searfoss wrote:

> Joseph;
> I was a consultant in Minnesota and Wisconsin for many years before
> deciding it was a tough way to make a living! It was especially tough in
> Minnesota where the State provided many of the same services that I did
> but at a lower cost. I have subsequently specialized,working with private
> forestland owners on income tax issues related to their forestry operations,
> i.e. basis determination, etc. I have a very good working relationship
> with the state foresters in my area.
> Timber markets are very good currently, though not quite as good as they
> were towards the end of last year.
> Nice to see another consultant around. Being new to the net, I'm not sure
> where, or whether, they hang out here? Any other newsgroups or sites I
> should be aware of that cater to forestry consultants and/or landowner
> groups? Thanks.

Yes, it is a tough way to make a living. The yuppie generation created a 
lot of environmentalists/natural resource professionals. About 20 years 
ago there were about 20 forestry consultants in my county all living on 
peanuts. I remember thinking that I would out survive all of them due to 
a stubborness and a desire to earn a living walking in the wood. So that 
happened. Now I've elevated my income to about "lower middle class" but 
I feel rich after years of poverty. My fees are almost at the level of 
lawyers so I don't have to work too many hours to have a decent living. 
There are now only 2 other consultants in the county and only one 
depends on forestry. I took over the practice of several consultants as 
they went under.

What makes things happen around here are extremely high property taxes 
as this county is a playground for wealthy folks from NYC. So many of 
them like the state forestry tax program which gives them a 95% 
reduction in the local property tax as long as they hire me. <G>

Another nice thing about here is that we have a lot of red oak and some 
of the best anywhere. When I handle a red oak sale, I'm probably doing 
better than a brain surgeon.

I've written my own software that does everything so I'm extemely 
efficient. But... I wrote that on my old Atari ST computer. Now that I 
have a Pentium I'm going to rewrite it.

I'm not aware of any other discussion areas for foresters. This is it 
and it's quite around here. If you know of anyone else, tell them and 
we'll just have our own party here. There are several real estate 
newsgroups and I've checked them out. They could be usefull so I'm 
keeping an eye on them in case land mgt. subjects come up.

I left messages here before and usually other consultants will jump in 
so I'm sure we'll hear from others.

You mentioned that the state people in your area were undercutting you 
since they're free. It used to be that way here too, but I just jumped 
all over them! After yelling at them for a few years they gave up doing 
free forestry- in exchange for "supervising" me. Basicaly they earn 
their $40,000 + income putting their signatures on my work. But that's 
OK that's better than doing my work for free.

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