Damage to mature trees by rooks?

Michael Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Wed Nov 6 15:47:47 EST 1996

Phil Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know of instances where rooks have been proven to damage the crowns of
> mature trees (cedars)? I am partly responsible for managing an 18 acre wood
> near Crediton, Devon which supports a thriving rookery. Although I'm not in favour
> of the rooks being culled, some other residents claim that it is the rooks that have
> caused the crowns to die back. I think it may be the other way round - that the
> rooks have moved into the trees as they became more suitable due to natural die-off
> (they are rather old cedars).
> Unfortunately the other residents have been here longer and claim they know better.
> Any ideas?
> Phil Smith
 I think it highly unlikely that the rooks are having any effect at all 
on mature trees.  What may be ocurring is that your 18 acres are now
more attractive (to birds) than their former territory was.  Here we
have crows, not rooks and other cedar spp. but choice habitat is pretty
much the same.  Hope this helps, 
Mike Hagen

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