Damage to mature trees by rooks?

Phil Smith earth at online.rednet.co.uk
Tue Nov 5 16:33:56 EST 1996


Does anyone know of instances where rooks have been proven to damage the crowns of 
mature trees (cedars)? I am partly responsible for managing an 18 acre wood 
near Crediton, Devon which supports a thriving rookery. Although I'm not in favour 
of the rooks being culled, some other residents claim that it is the rooks that have 
caused the crowns to die back. I think it may be the other way round - that the 
rooks have moved into the trees as they became more suitable due to natural die-off 
(they are rather old cedars). 

Unfortunately the other residents have been here longer and claim they know better. 
Any ideas?

Phil Smith

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