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> > >> > Who can me say how many ha forests are on the Earth?
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> > Total forest area in 1987 was 4.08 Billion hectares, or 31% of the
> > global land area.
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> At what rate is deforestation taking place in tropical forests, and is
> this being compensated for by new commercial afforestation ?

One estimate is 10 acres a minute, but I think the rate is slowing over 
the years.  Reforestation is not compensating for the loss, the land goes 
into agriculture, some as primitive as the old slash and burn.

> What will the situation be like by the year 2010?

15 years is a short term prediction in forestry, but, some countries will 
definitely have reached a point where they will be required to take on 
long term forest management.  World politics being what they are, I dont 
see any enlightened leaders taking the fore front and leading the third 
world into sustained management.  We in the US and other nations 
currently using sustained management should still be in good shape, but 
it is a matter that needs close attention.  As our industry changes and 
smaller timber is used to produce construction materials, and the pulp 
industry grows, we could face some short term shortages in the mid 
2000's.  We (the US) have a distinct advantage in our large land base of 
timber production.  But it also points out the every growing demand for 
outdoor/environmental preservation that will be with us to the end days. 
 We need a government that is responsive to science, not to the 
eco-freaks crys on lost paradise.
> Is the world going to experience a shortfall of timber ?
> Some countries will experience a shortfall due to short sight.  The US is 
currently growing more than harvesting, that is a touch and go thing as 
well since we tend to export as prices rise and demand is reduced in this 

> Harold

Ruminations of an old forester.

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