EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Sun Nov 10 13:04:29 EST 1996

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> >Sure but giving the company such a huge settlement is nuts, just like
> >the jury in the OJ trial.

> Unfortunately, guys like you do *not* normally think it is
> "nuts" when juries force a corporation (Mr. Deep-pockets) 
> to pay in the same fashion.  

What is big to you is small (generally) to a corporation.  What
ADM had to pay for price fixing is not much compared to their 
income.  What McD's had to pay for hot coffee spill was much less 
than their income.  The Executive Officers of the corporations
were and are not penalized even though they run the corporation.

That is the evil of the concept of the corporation: the ability for
people to do things without accepting personal responsibility for 
their actions.

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