EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Bruce Scott TOK bds at ipp-garching.mpg.de
Mon Nov 11 10:16:36 EST 1996

D. Braun (dbraun at u.washington.edu) wrote:

: On 9 Nov 1996, Mike Asher wrote:

: > Joseph Zorzin <redoak at vgernet.net> wrote:
: > > I have some appreciation for both sides of this case as I'm both a
: > > practicing forester and I'm also proud to call myself an
: > > environmentalist.
: > > 
: > > But if the true damage was only $20,000 then why the &#@*% did the court
: > > award the company over a million bucks?
: > 
: > It's called punitive damages, and they are often awarded in cases of
: > intentional malice.  You don't seem to have a problem with punitive damages
: > against corporations.

: And where has the poster championed punitive damages against
: corporations? More assumptions on your part? Also, describe how punitive
: damages that are 5000% of property damage is reasonable. Do you believe
: that either this figure will be upheld on appeal, or should be? Really.

It is the sleight of hand he uses in other threads to insinuate we are
responsible for 100 million deaths.

Mach's gut!
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