EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

David Whitt davwhitt at med.unc.edu
Mon Nov 11 00:54:16 EST 1996

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>> And what of the plaintiff's business performing acts of terrorism against
>> nature?  Rape, violence, and murder are horrible when performed against a
>We live in a land of law, not emotional kneejerkism.  The EF!'s violated
>the law, and they got hammered for it.

Your adoration for authority is sickening at best.  Laws, like language,
is fluid and changes over time.  What is right and what is legal is not
always the same.  Your mindset is that of a child who does not think for
himself and is looking for someone bigger to show the way and lead.  You
would have felt right at home in Germany 55 years ago.

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