EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

David Whitt davwhitt at med.unc.edu
Mon Nov 11 00:49:57 EST 1996

In article <3285AA7D.5BAD at homenet.ie>, J Zeigler  <microz at homenet.ie> wrote:
>David Whitt wrote:
>> Rape, violence, and murder are horrible when performed against a
>> person, and magnified even more so when performed against nature as they
>> affect all mankind and our children as well as the other creatures we
>> share the planet with.  Why do you feel corporations should received
>> greater rights than the planet?
>I don't, but I did agree to form a government and to have a jury
>determine who is right and who is wrong. 
>The protestors argument was not with the logger, it was with the
>government who allowed the logging to take place. Unfortunately,
>sometimes when you take the law into your own hands they get burned.
>Sometimes worse than others. Isn't the environmental group that lost the
>case also incorporated? Then I see little difference!

What difference does it make?  I am not against corporations just for
being corporations.  Some actually do good things, many do.  I am,
however, against corporations (and people) who I see as doing things which
are wrong.  The law is fluid and changes over time.  Slavery was once
legal.  Women once had no rights.  In most places in my state gays can be
fired, denied housing, and arrested for making love to their companion,
all legally.  What is legal and what is right are not always the same.  I
agree that we should try changing the laws through the system but
sometimes the system needs a serious jumpstart (as with the blacks who
refused to sit at the back of the bus - all illegal at the time, or with
those who went on strike in the early union days).  When you look at what
is right and what is wrong through the myopia of the legal code, you can
lose perspective of the big picture.  Corporations such as the ones EF!
confronts see things in terms of dollars and net profits, quaterly and
annual earnings.  Environmentalists see things in terms of life and its
beauty, centuries and eons.  See the difference?

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