EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Steve Shook esw at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 11 09:35:28 EST 1996

D. Braun wrote:
> > OK, by your reasoning, Exxon's fine should have been a tad larger.  Maybe
> > someone can do the exact math, but 50 times the clean-up costs of about 1
> > billion is 50,000,000,000. That dosen't include the impacts to fisheries
> > in the spill year, the failed herring roe fishery, or the fact that the
> > cleanup did not entirely succeed. So, let's add another billion to the
> > original damages--- now we have punative damages of 100,000,000,000.  You
> > just agreed, in principle, that we should support Exxon's bankruptcy.
> > Interesting.

J Zeigler wrote: 
> My reasoning had nothing to do with whether the markup should be 50
> times or 1 times. Read it again and try not to let your own prejudice
> show. I said that the Jury determined the level of punishment. I don't
> seem to remember that the Valdez was an intentional act, seems it was
> due more to negligence or accident.

Exactly!  Exxon, as a corporation, certainly didn't conspire 
to spill high-valued crude oil.


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