EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Mon Nov 11 19:29:22 EST 1996

Bruce Scott TOK wrote:
> But you have to recognise the unequal situation.  If the lumber company
> were fined 1 million, it could simply pass it on to their customers the
> way they do their advertising costs.  You and I cannot do things that
> way.

Yeh, you can in the US, it is called bankrupcy, and cleans your slate 
from all debt other than some tax.
> This is how to silence people in the US.  We are learning from the likes
> of Singapore and Malaysia how to crush dissent without creating a
> military regime.
> --

Sorry, cannot buy that, to silence the people in the US would cause an 
uproar unlike any over the Second Amendment.
> Mach's gut!
> Bruce Scott, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik, bds at ipp-garching.mpg.de

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