EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Lars E. Toftemark ltoftema at willamette.edu
Tue Nov 12 18:23:34 EST 1996

> > > case, it was.  Perhaps they will learn that "monkeywrenching" is
> > > terrorism...illegal, immoral, and dangerous as well.
> >
> > Mike, Mike, Mike--- please don't jump on the "eco-terrorist" smear band
> > wagon. We have been down this road before.  Remember the so-called
> > Unibomber-EF! connection? It proved to be the product of media hype and
> > planted, false stories by some anti-enviro zealots.  You simply demean
> > yourself signing on to this sort of thing.
> It's not a smear to applaud the punishment of a criminal act.  Interesting,
> you should mention the "so-called Unabomber-EF connection".  I was
> surprised, just today, when doing some research, to find the entire text of
> the Unabomber's Manifesto....right off the Earth First homepage.
> Forsooth.  Go look if you don't believe me.

The thing that is more worriesome than the Unabomber-EF connection (real or otherwise) 
is the Al Gore - Unabomber connection. Ted had a copy of Al Gore's book in his little 
shack. Also, if you read the Gore's book "Earth in the balance" and the manifesto there 
are several paragraphs where it is hard to determine who wrote them.  When I showed
these paragraphs to friends they had hard time guessing who wrote which.  I don't care 
that these views are in the marketplace, but it does bother me when they are held by
the Vice-President.


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