EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Tue Nov 12 02:08:51 EST 1996

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>>Your adoration for authority is sickening at best.  Laws, like language,
>>is fluid and changes over time.  What is right and what is legal is not
>>always the same.  Your mindset is that of a child who does not think for
>>himself and is looking for someone bigger to show the way and lead.  You
>>would have felt right at home in Germany 55 years ago.
>Don't you "lefties" have enough intelligence to defend your 
>ideas on their own merit?  Apparently not.  Whenever you see 
>that you are losing an argument, you invariably call names, 
>or compare people to Nazis, or invoke the mental image of a 
>starving child to buttress your claims.  Get real!  If your 
>ideas do not stand on their own merits, admit that you are 
>wrong, and go to the next topic!  

Even from your first sentence we see distortion and hypocricy.  You talk
of name-calling as you call names.  You speak of comparisons as you
compare.  Without any debate on the issues on your part, you claim not
only to be winning, but victorious and willing to go on to the next
topic.  I made my point of view evident with clarity and logic.  If you
are too blind, or ignorant, to see, I suggest you read it again.

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