EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Tue Nov 12 13:44:14 EST 1996

Steve Shook wrote:

> I'm not quite clear about your "And those commy pinko liberal tree
> hugging faggot femminazzi environmentalists" comment??? Please
> explain.....

That's just my sick sense of sarcasm - since this seems to be the
attitude of many like Rush Limbaugh- that an environmentalist is another
dirty word, an unAmerican like the other types in my statement. <G>

Hey, I personally have conducted CLEAR CUTS. But I appologise to the
tree spirits. <G>

I've always disliked this division between the "natural resource
professionals" and the so called environmentalists. When I got out of
forestry school I didn't have a job for a few years and spent most of my
time hiking with Peterson field guides and came to think of myself as a
naturalist more than a forester. But then I did find work in forestry so
I can see both sides of these issues. There has to be a meeting of the
minds without the insults and branding one side as fascist land raper
and their allies the gun nuts and the other side as pinko tree huggers.
That's immature and idiotic.

Part of the problem is that the education of natural resource
professionals is much too limited- giving them little sense of nature as
anything but a factory to be managed like an auto plant. I know many
foresters who barely know that wilflowers or birds exist. Most forestry
schools brainwash their students into this factory mindset- leaving them
incapable of a normal conversation with the biologists and other
environmental types.

And of course many enviromentalists assume that cutting trees or hunting
is highly immoral, violent and without redeeming value.

At this time I'm working on my webb page where I will discuss the need
for a fusion of these 2 "schools of thought"- and without such a fusion
this "cold war" will continue.

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