EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Bill Whitehouse whitehou at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 12 12:08:26 EST 1996

charliew wrote:
> In article
> <Pine.A41.3.95b.961111161429.19760C-100000 at homer09.u.washing
> ton.edu>,
>    "D. Braun" <dbraun at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> Sounds like more of the same-- fits right in
> with the
> >world-view that brought us the Salvage Rider and the slap
> on the wrist for
> >Exxon:  screw the environment, I want mine. This is not a
> good thing.
> Dave,
> you (and your environmentalist friends) seem to be
> forgetting one very important fact.  You live in a
> democracy.  This means that the majority should have
> something to say about the matter.  The last time that I
> checked, a small minority of special interest zealots was
> not making public policy for the whole country.

Yes they are.  These "special interest zealots" are
corporate lobbyists are working for co.s like Exxon
and ADM - enabling them to enjoy market advantages
and legal protections that you and I don't.  At least
environmentalists like us are smart enough not to
stupidly defend that status quo.

Wake up, Charlie.  You are _not_ living in a democracy.

> You need to continue to try to convince the mainstream
> public that the sky is falling, in order to garner more
> support.  

You have to convince the complacent mainstream to even
vote here, much less to take seriously the constant proof
that our environment has and is being degraded in the name
of short-term profit.   The co.s who are doing this aren't
doing it with the explicit support of the "mainstream",
so the people trying to hold these co.s responsible for
their actions sure as hell aren't going to wait for people
to come up with some informed consensus. (probably in the
late 25th century)

If people aren't taking their responsibilities and rights
seriously (which more than half aren't - judging solely on
how many people vote in general elections), appealing to 
those rights in a discussion is shaky ground for the one
doing it.   If environmentalists and corporations are the
only ones motivated to take any real action in this 
near-economic aristocracy we live in, then any discussion
of god-given rights are unimportant is comparison.

> However, I reserve the right to point out the
> flaws in your arguments (when I can spot the flaws), so
> don't expect that me or others will just step aside while
> you sow fear and panic ...

Did anyone suggest any differently here?  Pretty defensive
statement there, guy.

Bill Whitehouse            whitehou at ncsa.uiuc.edu

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