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>When you don't buy a slowly dying tree, you will give quite a gift-you
> will be reducing deforestation, soil erosion, flooding, and
desertification. You will >be raising air quality, reducing CO2,
increasing oxygen production and saving >space at the dump. What a
>I read that over a hundred million trees may be cut down for Christmas
>celebrations in the U.S. alone. You may contribute to this mass
>destruction and be a part of this wasteful practice or you can say, "No!"

Hog wash!  Most Christmas trees in the U.S. are grown on farms like
rotation crops. There is no deforestation (most of the land has been taken
from other less environmentally sensitive agricultural production), nil
soil erosion (grass ground cover is relatively undisturbed), increased CO2
reduction because these are vigorously growing plants.  And, in my local
community there is free recycling of Christmas trees for landscape mulch. 
These are not "trees" being cut.  They are more like bushes and they are
cultivated for this purpose.

I am all for those who wish to use "live Christmas trees" and plant them
following the season.  But your arguments against cut trees are grossly

Bob Miller

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