EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Tue Nov 12 21:57:21 EST 1996

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   davwhitt at med.unc.edu (David Whitt) wrote:
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>>Yea, but you apparently don't! How many of the blacks were 
burning the
>>busses? These people weren't engaging in peaceful 
demonstration. They
>>were being terrorists, pure and simple.
>Agan you don't see the irony.  While no human has been 
directly killed or
>injured, billions of trees and animals are killed every 
year.  Your
>definition of terrorism must apply on to human suffering.  
Not even that
>for the actions of those today, without opposition, will 
mean a planet of
>concrete and asphault, minimalls and Wal-Marts, where our 
children will
>read about the extinction of the tiger, panda, whales, et 
cetera and the
>closest they will get to nature will be the chemically 
fertilized front
>lawn.  Ask yourself one question:  "Why?"  Why are 
>environmentalists?  Is there money to gain by our position? 
 Unlike the
>corporations with their anti-environment attitude, no.  You 
will probably
>take the easy route and simply brush us off as fanatics.  
If that is the
>best you can do.


when was the last time you were outside the asylum?  Since 
when did killing trees and animals constitute terrorism?  
Don't you realize that you are responsible for the death of 
some plant or animal every time you eat?

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