EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Tue Nov 12 19:13:29 EST 1996

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   davwhitt at med.unc.edu (David Whitt) wrote:
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>>Have you ever noticed these UK dudes have all the 
environmental answers, 
>>after they have screwed up most of their former colonies 
>>through exploitation?   
>Have you ever noticed how Americans are so quick to judge 
others without
>noticing their own hypocricy?  The United States, I am sad 
to admit being
>an American, has one of the worst histories of global 
imperialism and
>exploitation which continues to this day.  At least the 
Brits have stopped
>for the most part.  
Brits stopped because we (the U.S.) took up where they left 
off.  In this case, I am agreeing with you.  However, Great 
Britain is not without blame.  If Great Britain was still 
the military and economic power that it was 200 years ago, I 
am sure that it would still be as imperial as ever.  Want a 
good example?  How about the Falklands?

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