EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Tue Nov 12 20:19:12 EST 1996

Lars E. Toftemark wrote:

> The thing that is more worriesome than the Unabomber-EF connection (real or otherwise)
> is the Al Gore - Unabomber connection. Ted had a copy of Al Gore's book in his little
> shack. Also, if you read the Gore's book "Earth in the balance" and the manifesto there
> are several paragraphs where it is hard to determine who wrote them.  When I showed
> these paragraphs to friends they had hard time guessing who wrote which.  I don't care
> that these views are in the marketplace, but it does bother me when they are held by
> the Vice-President.

Well, I like Al Gore, but he's a terrible writer. It's not that I
dissagreed with his ideas- it's just that his writing style (or his
ghostwriter if there is one) writes as stiffly as the VP's speaches. But
I wouldn't worry too much about Gore being a radical; after all he's a
blue blood. But I think he understands like other of the smarter blue
bloods (like FDR)that the rich can't own EVERYTHING, they really have to
allow the commoners to have a life too to avoid revolution. So which
views of Gore were so troublesome to you? I didn't see anything so
radical- nothing anti big business.

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