EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

J Zeigler microz at homenet.ie
Wed Nov 13 05:56:30 EST 1996

David Whitt wrote:
> Terrorism, whether it is legal or not is still terrorism.  I see the
> terror of these (note not all) corporations as far greater than the
> terrorism of EF!

Well, the Jury didn't agree with you, what can I say!

> For one thing the government is NOT "you and me".  It is you, me, but
> mostly those with lots of money.  Who has the most money?  Special
> interests and corporations.

I see, and when was the last time that Mr. Monsanto or Mr. Microsoft
voted at the polls. If you are willing to let your vote be bought, don't
blame it on the corporations. I always vote my conscious.

> So we should only pass laws so long as they are financially profitable?
> If a law needed to protect the environment happens to cost the
> corporation, then we don't pass it?  Your priorities are backwards.

No, you misunderstand. I said you pass laws that make it in the
corporations financial interest to do what you want. For example, when
the governement wants to increase the population, you offer a marriage
and child exemption. Not really too hard to understand.

J. Zeigler wrote: 
> >Its interesting that in Oregon we have the power of referendum, yet how
> >much of your efforts are toward seeing that we have valid laws put on
> >the ballots to vote on. Probably little to none.
David Whitt wrote:
> My effort at the moment is little indeed seeing as how I work 40 hours a
> week and am taking 20 hours of classes.  I do vote and inform others of
> these problems when I can.  Unfortunately politics must wait another year.

And you blame the corporations for being money hungry and trying to get
ahead. Must be nice to operate under a double standard.

John R. Zeigler

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