EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Mike Asher masher at tusc.net
Wed Nov 13 05:38:35 EST 1996

D. Braun <dbraun at u.washington.edu> wrote:

> I don't know what the action was on the part of the EF!ers that landed
> them in court

Yet you've offered an opinion on every aspect of the situation, said they
were unfairly tried, the jury was biased, the prosection unfair.  You've
even said they didn't do anything wrong....all without knowing what they
did in the first place.   Unbelievable!  Only on usenet.

> Of course I am familiar with the fact that Headwaters is
> private...The good and equitable decision would be for the gov. to seize
> all of Maxxam's old-growth, and make it a park for all the people to
enjoy > for all time.

My word!  Is this America or isn't it?  The good and equitable decision
would be for the government to seize private property?

The real motivation for your remarks is, I suspect, greed.  Maxxum owns a
forest, and you want it.  You can't pay for it, but you hope to be able to
take it from them.   Care to borrow my gun, or would you prefer to have the
federal government do your dirty work?

Mike Asher
masher at tusc.net

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