EF! Fined $1million in Idaho (fwd)

Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Wed Nov 13 08:19:22 EST 1996

Mike Asher wrote:

> Without regard to what 'most' EF members believe, when the founder, the
> leaders, the spokespeople, and the visible elements of a group believe in
> illegal, terroristic activity, I feel safe in calling them a terrorist
> organization.
> --
> Mike Asher
> masher at tusc.net

Well, EF has been around for years. How many people have they killed so
far? How much damage has actually been done? I'm just curious- I'm not a
member and don't to be. Or is it mostly bluff?

How many people have been murdered by corporations in unsafe working
environments? How much land has been eroded by logging companies? How
many people have died as a result of the product of tobacco companies
and auto companies that have resisted efforts to make safer cars? How
many people are out of jobs because our patriotic corporations are
exporting jobs to Mexico or China? How many people are riped off every
day by the megacorporate insurance and energy companies? Why is more
than 90% of the wealth in America owned by a few percent of the people?
Who the hell are the real terrorists?

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