EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Mike Asher masher at tusc.net
Tue Nov 12 22:21:32 EST 1996

David Whitt <davwhitt at med.unc.edu> wrote:
> Agan you don't see the irony.  While no human has been directly killed or
> injured, billions of trees and animals are killed every year.

Anthropomorphism carried to extremity.  Sorry, but I will never attend the
"funeral" of a tree.  They're plants....sometimes lovely, sometimes
hideous, sometimes useful, sometimes not.  But they're just plants.  I
won't play a dirge for dead grass in my yard either.  I'll just plant some
more.  Just like we do trees.

> Your definition of terrorism must apply on to human suffering.

Yep.  Hard to terrorize a tree.

> ..Ask yourself one question:  "Why?"  Why are environmentalists
> environmentalists?  Is there money to gain by our position?

Ask yourself one question: "Why are serial murderers murderers?  Is there
money to be made from it?"   

Your rhetorical question reveals your entire philosophy: monetary
motivations are evil; all others good.  I don't agree, though I will point
out that neither myself, nor the original poster get paid for being
"anti-environmentalists", as we're labelled.  We do it for the good of the
planet.  The _human_ good, that is.

Mike Asher
masher at tusc.net

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