EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Bruce Scott TOK bds at ipp-garching.mpg.de
Wed Nov 13 14:21:14 EST 1996

Don Staples (dstaples at livingston.net) wrote:
: Bruce Scott TOK wrote:

: > This is how to silence people in the US.  We are learning from the likes
: > of Singapore and Malaysia how to crush dissent without creating a
: > military regime.

: Sorry, cannot buy that, to silence the people in the US would cause an 
: uproar unlike any over the Second Amendment.

Dream on.  A large lawsuit, or even simply a threat of one, is enough to
silence the great majority of Americans.  Fear.  That is all it takes.
And when the court system plays along, the constitution is just a piece
of paper if you can't get the money and/or the horses to fight for it.

Mind you, we aren't yet _all_ the way down that road, but more rich
folks are figuring out how to play those strings.  It is not just

Mach's gut!
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