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Wed Nov 13 14:24:51 EST 1996

charliew (charliew at hal-pc.org) wrote:

: you (and your environmentalist friends) seem to be 
: forgetting one very important fact.  You live in a 
: democracy.  This means that the majority should have 
: something to say about the matter.  The last time that I 
: checked, a small minority of special interest zealots was 
: not making public policy for the whole country.  

Ahhh, maybe now you will comment consistenly on those attempts by
Monsanto et al to subvert the wishes of the majority of the World's
consumers, that genetically altered foodstuffs should be clearly
labelled, or at minimum those who _don't_ alter food should be able to
clearly label _that_.

Comments, please, and don't tell me any elitist stuff about 'scaring the

: You need to continue to try to convince the mainstream 
: public that the sky is falling, in order to garner more 
: support.  However, I reserve the right to point out the 
: flaws in your arguments (when I can spot the flaws), so 
: don't expect that me or others will just step aside while 
: you sow fear and panic.  Gee, ain't free speech great?!

Tell it to the German public, who have their wishes trampled by the
likes of Monsanto and Shell at every juncture.

Mach's gut!
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