EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Wed Nov 13 14:45:13 EST 1996

charliew (charliew at hal-pc.org) wrote:
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:    Joseph Zorzin <redoak at vgernet.net> wrote:
: >charliew wrote:
: >
: >> The 64 million dollar question is: Do you advocate 
: illegal
: >> actions to stop an activity that you consider legal but
: >> "wrong"?
: >
: >If the action doesn't hurt anyone, it may be reasonable.
: >
: >That's how Gahndi threw the British imperialists out of 
: India. Imagine,
: >he dared break the law by telling his followers to gather 
: salt from
: >ocean. What a terrible crime! Those "limies" didn't have a 
: clue how to
: >deal with him.

: Finally!  Someone in this newsgroup with the intelligence to 
: advocate civil (non-violent) disobedience.  Bravo!

But still illegal.  I don't remember any non-environmentalist in these
groups standing up for the moral action of logging protestors who get
beaten up and then dumped in jail for the crime of chaining oneself to a

Mach's gut!
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