EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu Nov 14 10:29:26 EST 1996

David Whitt wrote:
> In article <328A3211.4A4E at livingston.net>,
> Don Staples  <dstaples at livingston.net> wrote:
> >David Whitt wrote:
> >> Spoken like a true fool.  I see those Republican budget cuts in education
> >> are starting to take effect.
> >
> >Ah, yes.  By your address you are a student or resident at some med
> >school.  You protest your sadness of being an American, yet suck off the
> >funds of the government, med school alums, parents, patients, that our
> >American Imperialistic Society provides.
> I had a med-school address because I work at the hospital.  My major
> happens to be computer programming and I am paying my way 100% myself
> without any handouts from the government, parents, etc.  My protesting
> what the government and military have done in our history is not the same
> protesting the fact that I am an American.  I am very proud to be an
> American, but I am ashamed at some of the things my fellow Americans have
> done.  It is because I do love my country that I wish to make things
> right.  Idiots like you can't seem to comprehend this fact.

Oh, and gay socialists like you think you have the answer?  Protest away, but at least 
be civil enough to point out that your opinion is just that, an opinion, one in 
millions. You further think casting dispersion at others instills some sort of 
justification in your opinion.
> >Take you socialist medical practice/education and stick em where your
> >proctologist can observer them. then, go out into the Imperialist world
> >and make a living with your socialistic education in tact.
> I take it then you are against state-run colleges like the one I attend
> and state-run hospitals like the one I work at?  I save lives every day.
> What do you do?

I am known as a middle American, college educated, professional, Democrat (not 
republican as your assinine posts keep repeating)  With your life style you endanger 
more lives than you save.  Your comment was you were ashamed to be an American, and 
decryed the actions of any and every one that disagree with your philosophy.  I continue 
to suggest that there are no limits on you hauling ass to another part of the world that 
will fulfill your needs as a socialist.

If it walks like a socialist, talks like a socialist, acts like a socialist, it must be.
> >We Republican fools work, and live, in a free world, not limited by your
> >education or opinion.
> And that is what makes this world such a dangerous place.  People like you
> who act on ignorant childish emotions.  I work 40 hours a week in order to
> put myself through school and you have the gaul to say this to me?!  You
> are only showing your ignorance and immaturity.

Ah, ignorance and immaturity.  At least you are capable of using longer words than in 
other posts.  I will make a wager that my education is longer and stronger than yours, 
and my age is greater.  This is based on your use of the language, your immature 
insults, and the fact your still with this world.
> >So shove off.
> With people like you now we know why the Republicans lost the white house
> in '92 and '96.
> And people like you are what the street bible speaks to when they say "Suffer not  these 
ass holes who preach from the corner".  I will suffer no longer and no longer  respond 
to one who is obviously stuck in a loop of self interest, self education, and self 

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Love your signature, but Eleanor was wrong.  You are inferior.

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