EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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>wake up and smell the coffee!  When the bible states that 
>the love of money is the root of all evil, it strongly 
>implies that greed has existed throughout human history.  
>With this being so, how is it that mankind hasn't yet 
>destroyed this planet, what with several thousand years of 
>recorded human history that we can verify?

Until recently, mankind hasn't had the technology to cause destruction on
the scale we see today.  The razing of the Amazon, the exctinction of
thousands of species, the polution of the Great Lakes, etc should all make
it quite clear the direction in which we are heading.  Even without this
technology we have causes a negative impact over the years.  Lebanon and
Spain were once covered by forests.  Libya was refered to as the
breadbasket of the Roman Empire and central Turkey the same for the
Byzantine Empire.  Due to over-irrigation the Tigris and Euphrates are so
salty little grows.   Over the years we have made deserts of these lands. 
Is that what you want the Midwest to become?

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