EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

John M. Sully jmsully at isdn-sc70.corp.sgi.com
Thu Nov 14 15:15:23 EST 1996

In article <328c5aae.601440946 at nntp.st.usm.edu>, brshears at whale.st.usm.edu writes:
> Let me know when you get a little more maturity, but for now, keep
> your nasty, foul little mouth to yourself.

Gee, Harold, I thought I made a fairly mature and cogent argument
justifying why I called you a fool and a liar.

First, you don't seem to know what the output of whois was telling you
-- that EF! does not own the earthfirst.com domain.  Secondly, you
implied that I was a fool for using whois to "try to read a Web
document".  Do you know what the whois command does?  If so you should
have been able to understand what the output was saying and you would
have known that I was not trying to read an html document by using it.

After that you imply that I am a fool because I don't know how to use
a web browser when it was clear that I *did* use a browser to view the
document in question -- how else could I have quoted the text
contained in it verbatim in my article?

Finally, you ignore the whole thrust of my post, that
www.earthfirst.com is not an EF! connected site, and post the
misinformation that EF! has a like to the Unabomber manifesto on their
page.  They do not.[1]

The first two points constitute the fool, the third, the liar.

BTW, I searched the web and there are several sites which might
qualify as "official" EF! sites.  The closest thing I could find to
one speaking for the entire "non-organization" (yeah, right) is:


Also, none of the EF! sites I visited had a link to the Unabomber
manifesto.  This included the sites at Warwick, South Downs, Boulder
igc.org and imaja.com, in addition to the above site at envirolink.

[1] I'm sure that you will argue that you said nothing of the sort,
but in your article you wrote the following sentence "When you view
www.earthfirst.com with a Web Browser, they do indeed display a link
to the Unabomber manifesto on the first page."  In this context, it 
is quite clear that the pronoun "they" refers to the organization 
being discussed, Earth First!.  


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