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David Whitt davwhitt at med.unc.edu
Thu Nov 14 12:35:40 EST 1996

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>David Whitt wrote:
>> I had a med-school address because I work at the hospital.  My major
>> happens to be computer programming and I am paying my way 100% myself
>> without any handouts from the government, parents, etc.  My protesting
>> what the government and military have done in our history is not the same
>> protesting the fact that I am an American.  I am very proud to be an
>> American, but I am ashamed at some of the things my fellow Americans have
>> done.  It is because I do love my country that I wish to make things
>> right.  Idiots like you can't seem to comprehend this fact.
>Oh, and gay socialists like you think you have the answer?  Protest away, but at least 
>be civil enough to point out that your opinion is just that, an opinion, one in 
>millions. You further think casting dispersion at others instills some sort of 
>justification in your opinion.

Where did you get that I was a socialist?  When have I stated that my
opinion was fact just as you have above?  How do you know what I think?
Do you have the answers?

>> I take it then you are against state-run colleges like the one I attend
>> and state-run hospitals like the one I work at?  I save lives every day.
>> What do you do?
>I am known as a middle American, college educated, professional, Democrat (not 
>republican as your assinine posts keep repeating)  With your life style you endanger 
>more lives than you save.  Your comment was you were ashamed to be an American, and 
>decryed the actions of any and every one that disagree with your philosophy.  I continue 
>to suggest that there are no limits on you hauling ass to another part of the world that 
>will fulfill your needs as a socialist.

I am also known as a middle American, college educated, professional,
Democrat (officially, sometimes vote Green, sometimes Libertarian - not
socialists as your assinine posts keep repeating).  How does my
"lifestyle" endanger lifes?  My comment was clearly that the US is an
Imperialistic power and if you looked in a history book or knew anything
about the Cold War you would be sticking your foot in your mouth.  I have
said directly and clearly that I am NOT ashamed of being an American. 
That I am proud to be an American, but that I do not like some of our
GOVERNMENT'S policies.  Simple-minded people like you believe that
anything short of total praise of the government is un-American and label
that person a "socialist" and tell them to love it of leave it.

>> >We Republican fools work, and live, in a free world, not limited by your
>> >education or opinion.

We see here that you DID state you were a Republican and yet just now you
said you were not?!?!  Having trouble in that dusty attic you call a brain?

>> And that is what makes this world such a dangerous place.  People like you
>> who act on ignorant childish emotions.  I work 40 hours a week in order to
>> put myself through school and you have the gaul to say this to me?!  You
>> are only showing your ignorance and immaturity.
>Ah, ignorance and immaturity.  At least you are capable of using longer words than in 
>other posts.  I will make a wager that my education is longer and stronger than yours, 
>and my age is greater.  This is based on your use of the language, your immature 
>insults, and the fact your still with this world.

You are sounding like a child here.  If I wanted to get down to your level
and comment on your grammar (you're = you are) or that you base your
opinion on my "age" and yet also the fact that I am still with this world
(ie - not dead yet) I might call you a tired old troll but that would make
this debate boring.  Your dribbling is just what your opponents need to
show you are oblivious to reality.

>> With people like you now we know why the Republicans lost the white house
>> in '92 and '96.
> And people like you are what the street bible speaks to when they say
>"Suffer not  these ass holes who preach from the corner".  I will suffer
>no longer and no longer respond to one who is obviously stuck in a loop
>of self interest, self education, and self destruction.

So debating for you is a form of suffering?!  I like debating but perhaps
that is because one has to think in order to debate and you find that
rather difficult.  

>Love your signature, but Eleanor was wrong.  You are inferior.

Ah - now we know your true feelings.  I am inferior?!  So I take it you
believe you are superior?  If that belief keeps you going day after day
once the lithium wears off I guess it's good for something.

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