EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

David Whitt davwhitt at med.unc.edu
Thu Nov 14 12:13:49 EST 1996

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>David Whitt <davwhitt at med.unc.edu> wrote in article
>> With people like you now we know why the Republicans lost the white house
>> in '92 and '96.
>Uh pardon me.   The white house is based on the economy.  Economy doing
>poorly, incumbant looses.  Economy doing well, incumbant wins.   92. 
>Republican incumbant, poor economy, Democrat wins.  88, Republican
>incumbant, good economy, Republican wins.  96, Democrat incumbant, good
>economy, Democrat wins.   I don't see where this is just to hard to figure

Economy is ONE factor that affects the presidential election.  It is also
a poor guide to go by because the president has limited affect on the
economy and that effect usually takes years to show.  Buffoons vote the
way you describe.

>Of course, the white house doesn't write legislation... hheheheheheheh.
>We *definately* got the better end of *THIS* deal.

An, as shown so clearly in '94-95, the Republican Congress can't pass the
legislation without presidential authorization and the Democratic Congress
members' votes.  

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