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Mike Asher masher at tusc.net
Thu Nov 14 12:14:11 EST 1996

Harold Brashears <brshears at whale.st.usm.edu> wrote:
> How will you define "genetically altered".  I planted and grew some
> tomatoes this year, and some peppers.  Both had been genetically
> altered in an intensive program resulting in a fruit which did not
> exist a few years ago.  Bought the seeds at Wal-Mart.
> When the market sells these fruit, do you think they should be labeled
> "genetically altered"?

How about those people so terrified of genetically-improving foods give us
some sort of evidence that they're dangerous?  The argument that adding or
subtracting a gene under human control might create something dangerous is
asinine; every time a plant produces seeds *naturally*, each one of those
seeds contains a totally new combination of genes, never before seen on the
face of the earth.  These new combinations are created randomly, and
released into the environment with no testing of any kind.   That sounds a
lot scarier than we might do in a lab somewhere.

Mike Asher
masher at tusc.net

"To argue with those who have renounced the use
 and authority of reason is as futile as to
 administer medicine to the dead." -- Thomas Paine

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