EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

John M. Sully jmsully at isdn-sc70.corp.sgi.com
Thu Nov 14 11:51:11 EST 1996

In article <328f3197.590920692 at nntp.st.usm.edu>, brshears at whale.st.usm.edu writes:
> I would be forced to wonder about you John, you call someone a fool,
> when you yourself do not understand the situation.

Actually Harold, I'll call you a fool and a liar too.  I'll just cop
to a unclear sentence:

	Here is the opening paragraph of the page:

I figured everyone reading this would know that the phrase "the page"
referred to the URL "www.earthfirst.com".  Since you clearly went and
visited this page, you saw the quoted paragraph and had to have known
that in order for me to paste it into the article I, too must have
used that magical tool you refer to as a "Web browser".  Whois just
tells you a bit about who serves the domain, etc.

> When you view www.earthfirst.com with a Web Browser, they do indeed
> display a link to the Unabomber manifesto on the first page.  The URL
> of the manifesto is:
> http://www.earthfirst.com/manifesto.html/

The fact remains that this is *not* an official EF! site.  In fact it
isn't even a site which supports the goals of EF!.  It is a rather
lame dittohead attempt at satire and not at all what you and Asher are
trying to claim it to be.

BTW, the same clown has grabbed the domains aclu.com and peta.com and
is doing a similar hatchet job on those organizations.


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