Christmas Trees

Ken Mayhew kmayhew at
Thu Nov 14 07:24:14 EST 1996

Come on buddy - read about how they are produced, visit a christmas tree farm, 
or ask your local farm extension service for a video about christmas trees. 

. When
>you don't buy a slowly dying tree, you will give quite a gift-you actively
> will be reducing deforestation, soil erosion, flooding, and
>desertification. You will be raising air quality, reducing CO2, increasing
>oxygen production and saving space at the dump. What a present!

I like natural. not some inorganic, petroleum based green plastic thing

>I read that over a hundred million trees may be cut down for Christmas
>celebrations in the U.S. alone. You may contribute to this mass
>destruction and be a part of this wasteful practice or you can say, "No!"

As to buying live trees and taking them indoors, there has been some work 
with this but most homes are too warm drying out the tree or the tree begins 
to flush and then when it's placed outdoors again, the cold kills it.

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