EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

David Whitt davwhitt at med.unc.edu
Thu Nov 14 20:14:57 EST 1996

In article <328AD810.2040 at homenet.ie>, J Zeigler  <microz at homenet.ie> wrote:
>David Whitt wrote:
>> Where did you get that I was a socialist?  When have I stated that my
>> opinion was fact just as you have above?  How do you know what I think?
>> Do you have the answers?
>Like the rest of us, from reading your posts.

And who is "us"?  You seem to be the only one calling me a socialist. 
Considering your poor reading comprehension skills, I can see how you
could make such an error.

>> I am also known as a middle American, college educated, professional,
>> Democrat (officially, sometimes vote Green, sometimes Libertarian - not
>> socialists as your assinine posts keep repeating).  How does my
>> "lifestyle" endanger lifes?  My comment was clearly that the US is an
>> Imperialistic power and if you looked in a history book or knew anything
>> about the Cold War you would be sticking your foot in your mouth.
>Name calling again, you really show your intelligence here.

Not name calling, but simply stating a fact.

>>  I have
>> said directly and clearly that I am NOT ashamed of being an American.
>> That I am proud to be an American, but that I do not like some of our
>> GOVERNMENT'S policies.
>We (collectively), you and I are the government.

And what branch are you a part of?  The Judicial, Executive, or
Legislative?  Who voted for you?  We are NOT the government.  We select
those persons who we wish to be in the government.  They are not the same.
 I may have voted for Jim Hunt to be my governor but that doesn't make me
the governor.

>> Simple-minded people like you believe that
>> anything short of total praise of the government is un-American and label
>> that person a "socialist" and tell them to love it of leave it.
>Name calling again, what a simplistic approach to life. And you have the
>gall to claim to understand childish emotions.

Simply stating a fact again.  If you can't handle the truth, I suggest you
give in.

>> >> >We Republican fools work, and live, in a free world, not limited by your
>> >> >education or opinion.
>> We see here that you DID state you were a Republican and yet just now you
>> said you were not?!?!  Having trouble in that dusty attic you call a brain?
>I think he was referring to the fact that if you live in the U.S. you
>are a Republican due to our form of government, not the political group.
>Or perhaps you don't understand the difference between a republican and
>democratic form of government?

Perhaps you are changing your mind now that you see you are in error. 
Yeah, that's the ticket!

>>  I like debating but perhaps
>> that is because one has to think in order to debate and you find that
>> rather difficult.
>If debating is name calling and argument without merit then you
>certainly stand alone. Your arguments seem to be that of a troll and
>nothing more. Not really worth discussing any further.

....he says as he calls me a name.....

-D Whitt

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