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D. Braun dbraun at u.washington.edu
Fri Nov 15 18:47:57 EST 1996

On 15 Nov 1996, Mike Asher wrote:

> D. Braun <dbraun at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> >>  "Careful" does not mean indiscriminate
> > > condemnation, which is the platform adopted by Greenpeace, The Natural
> > >  Law Party, and the European Greens.  
> > 
> > I have not read a "blanket condemnation" by any political group,
> > concerning all gene manipulation
> Haven't done much reading, have you?  This is from the Natural Law party:
> "When genetic engineers play around with the most intimate structures of
> natural organisms, their genetic blueprints, their actions are as dangerous
> as those of nuclear physicists, when they rip apart the finest subatomic
> structures of the atom which lead to the potential for nuclear destruction.
> Although the poisonous effects of genetic engineering on our food and
> environment are creeping and silent, the destruction to life that they are
> bringing will, in the long run, be like a biological nuclear blast."
> Sounds like a blanket condemnation to me.

My mistake. The NLP position on this issue does appear flakey.

> >  You also did not
> > reply to my critique of your discussion of plant breeding that I posted,
> > and that you snipped without a fare-the-well. Scent of cop-out noted.
> Quick to judge, aren't you? I've responded to every post from you I've
> seen, and I'm already getting complaints about my 'excessive' level of
> posting.  EMail it to me and I'll post a reply.

Well, you snipped my rebuttal to your discussion of plant breeding and
genetics, in which I noted several errors. You did not reply to that
rebuttal. What more can I say?  Perhaps
you can go to the effort of posting your rebuttal that I could not find?

		Dave Braun

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